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The brand

Mesh Sportswear

We are Sara and Vera. 
Best friends since teenagers. Sisters, in the sense that we share the same values, and understanding of life.

We have a long track of entrepreneurship together and today we divide our world between MESH Sportswear and our families.
In total we have 7 children, 3 from Vera and 4 from Sara. Demanding daily-routine!

Together we created MESH Sportswear.

MESH is all about Fashion. It is designed to gear up ladies in a fun and alternative way.
We have blended high street fashion with high performance materials to unleash each woman's personality.

The key to our success: our families give us the support to carry on our dream and to pursue our mission with MESH. 
We want to give self-esteem to every woman, everyday, in every situation, even when doing sports. 

MESH is our dream and we want to inspire all the women with our message: DARE TO IMPRESS.

Vera and Sara with their children